Monday, July 24, 2006

Excel Basic Tutorials

This tutorial is intended for those who are using Microsoft Excel for the first time.
This tutorials covers basic formatting,editing and other useful things a user may find ideal for starting Excel.This tutorial deals with both Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Exel 2007(Beta edition, which has an entirely new look that its predecessors).
This quick start guide would help you to start working in Excel.This tutorial includes

  1. Basic components of Excel
  2. Creating, saving and working with files
  3. Basic formatting
  4. Data types
  5. Finding and replacing data
  6. Printing you data


Excel is basically a spreadsheet application designed to enter,edit and analyse large volume of data. The history of spreadsheets can be traced to VisiCalc and Lotus before Microsoft Excel took over with its suite of Microsoft Office products. A spreadsheet is a sheet of paper that shows accounting or other data in rows and columns; a spreadsheet is also a computer application program that simulates a physical spreadsheet by capturing, displaying, and manipulating data arranged in rows and columns. Essentially a spreadsheet appllication is developed to accumulate and process large amount of financial data but later became so competent to handle a lot of useful things.Microsoft Excel is one such application with enormous ability to process and analyse numerical data.Microsoft Excel has an user friendly interface and it can be customised to meet our requirements.


You could start Microsoft Excel by double clicking the icon on your desktop


You could Go to
Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Else you could press the Windows key and R at the same time to display the Run dialog
You may enter excel in the box and then press Enter and click OK


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