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The Edit Menu


  • Undo - Undoes the previous operation - CTRL+Z(You can undo any number of operations until you save the file)
  • Redo - Redoes the previous operation - CTRL+Y(You can redo any number of operations that has been previously undone.Redo would not work until an undo operation is done. If no undo operation is done, then Redo repeats the recently executed built-in macro)
  • Cut - Performs the cut operation - CTRL+X(Deletes the value from a cell to paste it into other cell)
  • Copy - Copies the contents of the cell - CTRL+C
  • Office Clipboard - Displays the office clipboard
    • Paste all - Pastes all the items in the office clipboard one after another(When you use this option, the formats would be lost since clipboard is a part of Microsoft Office and not Microsoft Excel)
    • Clear all - Clears all the collected data in the clipboard
  • Paste - Pastes the contents into a cell - CTRL+V(The paste operation copies and paste the value of the cell if the content is copied and deletes the value of the cell and pastes it if the cut operation is used. You cannot initiate a paste operation without a cut or copy operation.)
  • Paste Special... - Pastes the value into the cell in the format and operation you specify
    • Paste
      • All - Pastes the actual contents into the destination cell(Default)
      • Formulas - Pastes only the formula (not formats)
      • Values - Pastes only the values (not formulas and formats)
      • Formats - Pastes only the formats (not formulas and values)
      • Comments - Pastes only the comments(not formulas,values,formats)
      • Validation - Pastes only the validation
      • All except borders - Pastes everything except the four borders
      • Column widths - Sets the column width of the destination cell same as that of the copied cell
      • Formulas and number formats - Pastes formulas and number formats (Number formats refer to format applied to the number such as decimal, percentage etc., This does not include font,color,fill,borders etc.,)
      • Values and number formats - Pastes values and number formats (not formulas)
    • Operation
      • None - Performs the paste operation(Default)
      • Add - adds the value of the copied cell to the destination cell(If the value in A1 is 10 and value in A2 is 20, performing this operation replaces the value of A2 as 30(i.e)20+10)
      • Subtract - adds the value of the copied cell to the destination cell(If the value in A1 is 10 and value in A2 is 20, performing this operation replaces the value of A2 as 10(i.e)20-10)
      • Multiply - adds the value of the copied cell to the destination cell(If the value in A1 is 10 and value in A2 is 20, performing this operation replaces the value of A2 as 200(i.e)20*10)
      • Divide - adds the value of the copied cell to the destination cell(If the value in A1 is 10 and value in A2 is 20, performing this operation replaces the value of A2 as 2(i.e)20/10)

Note: All the above operations are done by appending the value of the copied cell to the destination cell. If you copy A1 with a value of 10 to A2 with a value of 20 and use subtract, A1 is subtracted from A2 and not A2 from A1.If you want this operation to be done, you should copy A2 and paste A1 using subtract

    • Skip Blanks - Pastes values in the destination range overriding blanks.
    • Transpose - Pastes the data of rows to columns and vice versa like a transpose matrix (Pastes the values in the range A1:A10 to A1:J1. Doesn't apply to single cells. Copy and paste area must not overlap)
    • Paste Link - Creates a link to the original cell so that the value changes each time the source cell is updated.
    • Paste as Hyperlink - Pastes a web address as a hyperlink

Paste Link is available only when you select All or All except borders.Paste Link always sets an absolute reference if a single cell is selected

  • Fill - Fills the value into a cell(Similar to copy operation)
    • Down - Fills the value of the cell above into active cell - CTRL+D(Fills the value of cell A1 in A2)
    • Right - Fills the value of the cell to the left into active cell - CTRL+R(Fills the value of A1 in B1)
    • Up - Fills the value of the cell below into active cell (Fills the value of A2 in A1)
    • Left - Fills the value of the cell to the right into active cell (Fills the value of B1 in A1)
    • Across Worksheets - Fills the selected cells across all the worksheets selected
    • Series - Fills according to the series you specify
    • Justify - Justifies the fill operation
    • Clear
      • All - Clears everthing
      • Formats - Clears formats only
      • Contents - Clears contents but keeps formats
      • Comments - Clears comments only
    • Delete... - Performs a delete operation
      • Delete
        • Shift cells up
        • Shift cells down
        • Entire row
        • Entire column
    • Delete Sheet - Deletes the active worksheet
    • Move or Copy Sheet... - Moves or copies a worksheet
      • To book
      • Before sheet
      • Create a copy
    • Find... - Searches and finds text or numbers you specity - CTRL+F
      • Find What - Enter the text or number to search
      • Options...
        • Format...
          • Format - Finds a cell that match the format you specify
          • Choose format from cell - Pick a cell to search for the format contained in that cell
          • Clear find format - Clears the format set
        • Within
          • Sheet - Searches the entire sheet(Default)
          • Workbook - Searches the entire workbook
        • Search
          • By Rows - Searches by rows(1,2,3..... - Default)
          • By Columns - Searches by columns(A,B,C.....)
        • Look in
          • Formulas - Searches in formulas(Default)
          • Values - Searches in absolute values(If A1 contains the formula B1+C1 and the result being 12, values return 12 while formulas return B1+C1)
          • Comments - Searches in comments
        • Match Case - Performs a case wise search(If the cell value is "ABC" and you search for "abc" then Excel would not find the value you are looking for)
        • Match entire cell contents - Searches for entire cells (Normally search finds value even it is a part of cell)
      • Find All - Finds all cells with the specified value.
      • Find Next - Finds the next cell with the specified value
    • Replace... - Replaces the existing text with the text you specify - CTRL+H
      • Replace With - Enter the text to replace
      • Options - Same as for FIND
      • Replace - Replaces the value with the specified value
      • Replace All - Replaces all the cells that contain the find value with the specified value

If you select a single cell for search the entire worksheet would be searched. If you select more than one cell, the specified range would be searched.

  • Go To... - Goes to a specified cell or a range you specify - CTRL+G (If you select a single cell and then use GO TO command GO TO searches the entire worksheet. If you select more than one cell, then GO TO command searches only the selected range)
    • Special...
      • Comments - Selects cells with comments
      • Constants - Selects cells with absolute value(i.e)cell without formulas
      • Formulas - Selects cells with formulas
        • Numbers - Selects cells with formulas in numbers(A cell with a formula 10+12)
        • Text - Selects cells with formulas as text(A cell using "&" sign to join two values or a function that uses a text value)
        • Logical - Selects cells that hold a logical formula(A cell with any of the following functions: AND,FALSE,IF,NOT,OR,TRUE)
        • Errors - Selects cells with error values(A cell with an error value such as #N/A,#VALUE etc.,)
      • Blanks - Selects cell which has no content in it
      • Current Region - Selects the current region for printing
      • Current array - Selects the current array that holds an array formula
      • Objects - Selects all the objects in the active worksheet. This includes drawing objects, charts and objects inserted using the Insert Menu
      • Row differences - All cells that differ from the active cell in a selected row(If more than one row is selected, the comparison is done for each individual row of that selection, and the cell used in the comparison for each additional row is located in the same column as the active cell).
      • Column differences -All cells that differ from the active cell in a selected row (If more than one column is selected, the comparison is done for each individual column of that selection, and the cell used in the comparison for each additional column is located in the same row as the active cell)
      • Precedents - Backtraces a formula (If the formula in B1 is A1+A2, then this option selects A1+A2)
      • Dependents - Select cells that are referenced by formulas.
        • Direct only - Select cells that are directly referenced by formulas.
        • All levels - Select cells that are directly or indirectly referenced by formulas (If B1 has the formula A1+A2 and B2 has the formula B1 then if A1 is selected it higlights both B1 and B2 for all levels and B1 for directly only)
      • Last cell - Selects the last cell that contains formatting.
      • Visible cells only - Selects cells visible for printing(Does not select hidden rows or columns)
      • Conditional formats - Selects cells that contain conditional formats
      • Data Validation
        • All - Selects cells that contain data validation.
        • Same - Selects cells that contain same data validation as the cell selected.
  • Links - Opens the EDIT WORKBOOK LINKS dialog to edit formula links contained in other workbooks
    • Update Values - Updates the values in the active workbook(if any change has been made in the source workbook)
    • Change Source - Changes the source of the links(i.e.)worbooks(If Book2 contains references from Book1 and you want link Book2 to Book3 instead of Book1, you should use this option.This substitutes the links of Book1 with Book3.So if your link in Book2 is ='[Book1.xls]Sheet1'!A1 then it would change to ='[Book3.xls]Sheet1'!A1
    • Open Source - Opens the source workbook that links to the active workbook(if it is not open)
    • Break Links - Replaces all the formulas with values and break links with the source workbook
    • Check Status - Checks the status of the source book and displays the status such as OK, Source opne etc.,
    • Startup Prompt - Determines the message to be displayed when a user opens a workbook that have external references
      • Lets users choose to display the alert or not - Prompts the user with a dialog box to edit external references.
      • Don't display the alerts and don't update automatic links - Opens the workbook without prompting the users and without updating values.
      • Don't display the alert and update links - Opens the workbook without prompting the users but updates the values.
    • Update
      • Automatic - Automatically updates the workbook(Default option unless it is set to manual in the Tools->Options->Calculation tab)
      • Manual - Manually updates the workbook
  • Object - Edits the object selected. Objects here means a different application such as Microsoft Word, AutoCAD MS Map embedded in excel using the Insert->Object option in the Insert Menu. This doesn't mean drawing objects created using excel.
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